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Jewelry in Indian weddings hold a very significant place. It is an element of security, grace and beauty. It holds sentimental values, and is known to symbolize strength and power. Maharashtrians especially hold jewelry very dear to them, and adorn themselves with a variety of beautiful jewelry on any small or big occasions, for they believe in the happiness and beauty it brings out! As important it is for them on any festivals, weddings are twice as important, and the Marathi brides amp themselves up with some gorgeous ornaments traditional to Maharashtra.

The Wedding Ensemble has a list of all the lovely pieces of jewelry a Marathi bride requires on her big day, scroll down to find out more!


Chaplahaar – A long ornament of gold, Chaplahaar is said to elicit feelings of love and emotions in the bride to be. It comes in a variety of designs and is very dear to the Maharshtrians.

Ownership and image source: Malabar Gold and Diamonds


Lakshmi haar – Its a beautiful necklace adorned with gold coins with the image of Goddess Lakshmi engraved on them, and is worn by the bride on the day of her wedding. It is said that the Lakshmi Haar brings positivity and prosperity in the bride’s life, and invokes spiritual feelings in her!

Ownership and image source: Anuradhaartjewellery.com


Kolhapuri Saaj – The Kolhapuri Saaj is as good as a Mangalsutra that married women wear after their wedding. Adorned with beads and pearls, it has a ruby pendant in the middle. This ornament marks the happy married life of the woman.

Image source: Instagram @kolhapurithushi


Thushi – A thushi is known for its unique design. It’s a velvet choker that has golden balls knitted onto the fabric. It is amongst the most popular ornaments that a Marathi bride wears.

Ownership and image source: Anuradhaartjewellery.com


Vaaki – Also known as Bajuband, a Vaaki is a flat, studded armlet that the bride wears on both her arms traditionally. Comes in various designs, and generally has a stone or gem in the middle.

Ownership and image source: PNG Jewellers


Green Bangles – The colour green symbolizes fertility, a woman’s married life, and the beginning of her new journey in life. The green bangles are worn with patlyas, gold bangles that are gifted by the groom’s family to the bride to have a marriage of love and affection.

Image source: Pinterest


Ambada Veni Phool – The Marathi bride completes her look for her auspicious day with a very pretty hair pin called Ambada Veni Phool that she wears on her hair bun.

Ownership and image source: PNG Jewellers


This is about everything you need to know of the authentic Marathi ornaments. Don’t forget to drop in your comments and suggestions!


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