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Skin is the deal maker or breaker when it comes to having a flawless make-up especially on your wedding day! As our skin is exposed to the sun rays, pollution and dirt, we need to take care of it which mostly we girls at times laze around and not take care of which leads to unhealthy skin. Team The Wedding Ensemble brings you the basics for healthy and glowing skin! As many of the bride-to-be’s and bridesmaids asks for that Korean glow, we would first have to understand our skin type to deliver the results that we expect.

It all starts with knowing all the essentials like what is your skin type both face and body. There are broadly 4 type’s Oily skin type, Dry skin type, combination skin type and the favoured by all normal skin type. Your face and body skin type will be different, so the creams and lotions may differ. With this you also need to know that the skin type may change according to the weather, you may have acne prone skin or have dryer patches on your face or just some redness near the nose area. It is completely normal.

We would highly recommend you to meet a dermatologist/ cosmetologist to help you understand your skin and get the best options for your skin and solving those acne and dryness issues. The most basic and thumb rule for skincare is CTM i.e. Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Stick to CTM and see the results yourself. J

The basics for any skin care routine would include are–

  1. Face wash – A good face wash can help your skin clear all the dirt and remove the excess oil on your skin. Remember to wash your face at least 2 to 3 times a day depending on your skin type.
  2. Make-up remover – When you use all those products like foundation and concealers throughout the day, you need a good make-up remover. A water-based make- up remover would be ideal for oily skin type and oil based or moisturizer based make-up remover for dry to combination skin type would be ideal.
  3. Under eye cream – For all those nights when you had to be awake for presentations and late nights, an under eye cream is essential. Use an under eye cream with aloe vera or green tea to brighten your under eyes.
  4. Moisturizer – Even if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, you need a moisturizer as it helps in giving the crucial moisture and balance to your skin. You can use any of the moisturizers that suit your skin type. Also, there is a day and night moisturizer for different skin types.
  5. Facial toner – A facial toner helps in reviving the skin and balancing the texture and pores. Use a facial toner with rose or jasmine for freshness.
  6. Scrubbing – This is something that every bride to be needs to be aware about. By scrubbing you have squeaky clean face with removes the dirt and oil sebum that gives you acne. Note. Scrub should be done once in 10 days.
  7. Sun block – Protection from the sun is a must and cannot be avoided by anyone! Ask your dermatologist for a suitable sun block for your skin type to give you the best protection from sun rays. Every skin is different, so naturally the tendency for one person to get tan over other person may differ depending on the levels of how much your skin is prone to skin burns and tans.
  8. Washing all your make-up tools – If you want a skin that is normal, you cannot skip this one girl! If you use make-up brushes, sponges or anything to put make-up on your face and neck; you need to clean them daily to avoid any acne and infections.
  9. Face packs/ Masks – There are different types of masks and packs for all skin types. From clay for a moisturizing mask, all the skin types need these masks for nourishing and balancing the elasticity of the skin.

With all these tips, the most important thing would be a lifestyle; you’re day to day activities can also affect your skin. That 8 hour sleep phrase said by the good ol’ lads was true babe, you need to keep off social media and work in the night to give your skin a rest. Drinking water regularly and avoiding spicy and oily foods is a must for that glowing skin after all you are what you eat.

These are some of the most basic and essentials tips The Wedding Ensemble would suggest to all the bride-to-be out there! These tips along with your dermatologist’s tips would give you the best results and you’d have a glowing skin on your wedding day!

Stay clean, stay fresh!


Team, The Wedding Ensemble

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