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You’re watching all these romantic movies, reading books on romance, and are now lost in thoughts of how to ask the four-word question! Your mind’s boggling, ideas are flooding, and you just want your proposal to be the best one you’ve known of! Well, proposal stories are something that no one ever gets tired of listening to over and over again. It indeed is a lovely feeling to keep reminiscing of how it all started.

As you know that we at The Wedding Ensemble take the wedding do’s and don’t’s very seriously, and we love to make this occasion a magical one, so here we are for your rescue to help you pop THE question of your life in the best way possible for you and for your significant other to be mind blown.

Here are some of the best locations and spots that you could take your special someone to and surprise them!

Fine dine and wine on a cruise:

Plan a romantic dinner date on a cruise. Instead of going the usual way, you could ask the staff to play some romantic jazz music when you’re ready to pop the question, ask the staff to get you a bouquet of flowers that she likes, and gift it to her after which you could ask the staff to announce over an intercom the question you’ve been dying to ask, get on your knee and present the ring.

Image Source-www.theromantictourist.com

Long walk on a beach:

Write “will you marry me” in the sand and decorate it with rose petals and fairy lights. Take a long walk on the beach with your special someone at the time of sunset. Walk till you reach the spot that you have decorated, make sure to have a friend waiting there to guard the spot. Once you get there, get down on your knees and present the ring.

Image source- Pinterest

Plan a treasure hunt:

A treasure hunt could really spice things up, and make your proposal really fun. It could be something about how you first met, where you met, things that you like to do together as a couple! Leave the last clue for your soon-to-be fiancé to discover the question you’ve been wanting to ask!

Image source-Pinterest

An adventurous start:

If the two of you are fond of adventure, you could start this wonderful journey of your life by adding a bit of fun and adventure to how you propose. Go for an underwater walk or plan snorkeling and pop the question under water. Not only will your fiancé be surprised and do an underwater dance, you will also have a fabulous story to tell how it all began!

Image Source-www.heartbandits.com

Plan a romantic getaway:

Plan a trip to somewhere the two of you have been dreaming of. Do all things that your significant other wants to do, and make the trip all about them! Whenever you feel the time and place is right, get right down on your knees and pop the question.

Image source- flytographer.com

And if you ever wish to have a dreamy, the unreal kind of proposal…

Propose in the middle of a stadium

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West set this unreal goal ever since Kanye went overboard with showing his love for his wife Kim. If there happens to be a stadium in your city, take your soon-to-be fiancé to the stadium, walk her to the ground, and pop the question!

Image source-vibe.com

A marriage proposal can be done both ways, it doesn’t have to stick to the age old tradition of the guy asking the question. Asking someone to stick with you for the rest of your life can give you cold feet, but to avoid this, you could really make sure whether the both of you are in for a lifelong journey together. A proposal can be grand or an intimate affair, planned or unplanned, because at the end of the day, nothing but the thought and the love that holds two people together is what matters!

We hope to have given you a few ideas, inbox us if you have any more suggestions!


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