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Dressed in a heavily embroidered red and white Banarasi Sari with gold zari threads, the Bengali bride is almost like a princess on her auspicious day. Bengali weddings are an elaborate affair with celebrations spread across a time span of 2-3 days that go on from mornings till the nights! Filled with vibrancy and colors, the bride is decked in a variety of jewelry pieces traditional to Bengal. Like the south Indians, gold holds a very important place in Bengali weddings, and so if you need to know all about Bengali bridal jewelry, you have landed at the right place! The Wedding Ensemble has a list of all the essentials you need to rock a Bengali bride.



To add an element of elegance and grace, Bengali brides wear Tairaa inspired by the British in the past that wore tiaras for their weddings. It is also used to keep the bride’s veil in place.

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Pati Haar

To remind her that she is as strong as the Goddess Durga, and holds as much power, the bride wears the Paati Haar. It is a flat shaped neck piece that rests flat on the brides chest so that she does not experience any discomfort.

Image Source – Tanishq

Shakha Pola

The bride wears a set of bangles known as Shakha Pola that symbolize good health and prosperity that it is said to bring to the bride.

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With beautiful designs carved on them, Chur are heavy gold bangles that may weigh up to 50 gram that the bride decorates her hands with on her auspicious day.

Image Source – Indianblush.com


Known as maangtikka in other regions of India, Bengali brides wear a flat gold tikli on their forehead that gives them more complete look.

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While wearing only bangles is not enough, Ratanchur is a ring cum bracelet that the brides wear that makes their hands and fingers look gorgeous and very feminine.

Image Source – Malabar Gold and Diamonds

We hope you got all the information you needed on Bengali bridal jewelry, stay tuned to know more!



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