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South India from the very beginning has been known for their preference of royalty over anything, and their particularity about tradition and culture. Their love and importance for gold is inevitable like The Wedding Ensemble’s love for weddings and happy endings, and so is their love for brides to be decked in gold from top to bottom on her auspicious day. Their love for gold comes from the fact that gold is a symbolic of Goddess of Wealth – Lakshmi.  They’re known to adorn themselves with temple jewelry, the kind of jewelry that once upon a time, was donated to the temples by royal families.

So lovely brides to be, if you need to beautify yourself with ornaments from the royal culture of South India, here are a few jewelry pieces to keep in mind that are a must in South Indian weddings!

Mangalsutra – Mangalsutra is now known country wide for its importance and significance in any given marriage. But did you know that legend says, this piece of jewelry was originated in South India and hence has traveled to all parts of the country? Well yes, and here’s what authentic south Indian Mangalsutras look like.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Maavinakayihaara – To be her best self in life and to nature, Maavinakarihaara is a mango necklace that the south Indian bride wears on her auspicious day. Known as the king of fruits, the gold mangos on the necklace are mostly adorned with a red stone or ruby of which the red signifies fertility.

Ownership and image source: Art of Gold

Ownership and image source: Mangatrai

Mulla Mottu – Adorning golden jasmine buds, Mullamottu is a symbol of divine, and the perfume of jasmine is a sign and mark of honor. Wearing this jewelry symbolizes for the bride to be beautiful physically, mentally and spiritually.

Brand: Pourvika N / Image source: Chungath Jewels

Brand: Pourvika / Image source: Chungath Jewels

Kasumala – A stunning long necklace adorning gold coins imprinted with Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. Wearing this jewelry symbolizes wealth and prosperity, and is a mark of femininity.

Ownership and image source: Madhurya

Ownership and image source: Mukta Jewellery

Jadanagam – Literally the hair-serpent, Jadanagam is a long piece of gold jewelry worn on the braid by the bride on her big day. This piece of jewelry consists of three important parts – the Rakkadi in the shape of the sun symbolizes brilliance and power, the crecent moon which symbolizes calmness and peace, and the third part is the beautiful and fragrant thazhambu flower.

Ownership and image source: Tanishq Rivaah

Image source: Pinterest

Vanki – An armband with an inverted V with a cobra head, the bride upon wearing this takes blessings from Vishnu, the god that rests on this serpent. As she is ready to take the step of a life long journey with her loved one, the Vanki is also worn as Vishnu is known as the God of love and wisdom.

Ownership and image source: Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Vaddanam  – Signifying the child-bearing abilities of a woman, Vaddanam is a gold waist belt worn by most of the South Indian brides. It is known to be one of the heaviest jewelries worn by the bride, and also marks the symbol of status. It is studded with precious and semi precious stones, and carved with images of Goddess Lakshmi and God Vishnu to invoke and inherit protection and prosperity.

Ownership and image source: Kameswari Jewellers

Image Source: Pinterest

In the mood to look like an authentic South Indian bride? You know what jewelry to adorn yourself with! We hope to have helped you with all about South Indian jewelry, do drop in your comments and suggestions.


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