Vendors –

Hello dear vendor prospects, thank you for visiting The Wedding Ensemble.

The Wedding Ensemble is an aesthetics website that caters to planning and styling of Weddings and Honeymoon of couples from Mumbai. We are a curated website and we have perks for our registered vendors, we value the vendors listed on our website and want them to have best experience on our website. We go through a series of questions and we require certain documents and proof to help us understand your business. We take this seriously as we want to make sure that any fraud, dupe, fake vendor is not listed on our website ever. We believe in promoting real work from you and placing you to top. The process takes 3 to 4 days. We have different categories for every vendor; you can connect with us on hello@theweddingensemble.com to know more. Since we are a curated platform the website will only have 300 vendors per year. List your business as soon as possible on The Wedding Ensemble and get perks from us.

  • QI am a vendor and I want to register on The Wedding Ensemble. What is the procedure?

    The Wedding Ensemble respects every vendor and since we are a curated platform we make sure that all authentic and reliable vendors are only listed on the website. Once you inquire with us we will send you what all we require from you for proof and only then do we take the process ahead.

  • QI have registered on the website but I am not listed. Why?

    The Wedding Ensemble goes through series of rounds and checks, and once all the documents and proof is in correct only then we list you on the website.

  • QWhat are the charges for being listed on the website?

    The Wedding Ensemble has 3 types in each category. Each category has different perks and plans. Once you register with us we get inquired about it and then after the process we list you on the website. The fees are nominal.

  • QWhat categories do you have?

    TThe Wedding Ensemble has 6 categories of Vendors based and operating from Mumbai like Wedding Designers, Wedding Jewellers, Wedding Photographers/ Cinematographers, Wedding Decorators, Wedding Stylists and Wedding Make-up and Hair Artist. All the categories should be based in Mumbai.

  • QMy business is not based in Mumbai but I want to be listed on your website what do I do?

    The Wedding Ensemble is based in Mumbai and we want to be as authentic as possible for user experience and reliability. If you are a Wedding Designer or Wedding Jeweller from city other than Mumbai, kindly get in touch with Yashita on yashita@theweddingensemble.com to know about the procedure. We do not charge extra for this, the vendor will be listed as per the general listing fees and said perks.

  • QWhat information about my business will be published/ visible on the website?

    Once you successfully registered and the payment for listing has been made, you can log in and fill out the details about your business like, Name, Number, Website, address, email id, Album of your recent work, and social media accounts link like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • QWhen does my annual subscription start?

    Your subscription period will start once you successfully registered on the website. I.e. once the payment is made and all the documents are confirmed authentic. This is an annual subscription period, you will get a reminder 15 days prior to end of subscription day and you can re-register with us.

  • QI want do collaboration with The Wedding Ensemble, what is the process for that?

    Kindly get in touch with our Founder and Creative Director Yashita Tawde on yashita@theweddingensemble.com to plan this.

  • QWhat if all the 300 vendors are placed and I want to be listed on the website?

    We urge vendors to get in touch with us as soon as possible for this. We are sorry for not having you on our website, you can try it next year and get in touch in touch with us in December.

  • QI am looking for advertising on your website, what do I do?

    We do not advertise on our website, we write blogs and posts on social media about our vendors. You can check our social media accounts and blog.

  • QWe want to promote our business on your website, what do we do?

    Only registered vendors will get promoted and talked about on our website. We have a list of perks and strategize plans for our vendors and it is exclusive to them only.

  • QHow do you accept payment for Vendor Listing?

    We accept payment via Demand Draft (DD), NEFT, cheque. We do not accept payments in cash.

  • QHow will I know that my business is talked about on your website?

    We get in touch with you, explain you what we require and during the process of registering we have a document for you which will give you an idea about how we work and what we do. We take essential information about your work and promote you guys. Follow our social media accounts and also subscribe to our newsletter. You will also get monthly email with link of all the promotion we have done about your business.

  • QI want my pictures to be on your home page, what is the process?

    We monthly change our pictures/animations on our website to keep it fresh and new. We take our top wedding photographers images on the Home Page. We give the credits to the vendors on the bottom right corner as it is your hard work and we do not take any credit for it.